DMCA Takedown Request

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Although we created all of the images on these pages, MGA has requested that we take them down 🙁 🙁 🙁

I am hoping that company with a product that got it’s popularity from the internet will realize that shutting down a fan site that is trying to provide people with a service is not the best course of action.

Hopefully we will be back…

You can read the complaint below


This email serves as notice that you are currently making available for download MGA Entertainment, Inc. (“MGA”) image artwork. MGA, a leading global consumer products company, is the exclusive owner of trademark, trade dress, copyright, and other intellectual property rights associated with L.O.L. Surprise!™ (collectively referred to as “MGA’s Intellectual Property”.) MGA is the owner of copyright registration number VA 2-049-586, for all artwork associated with L.O.L Surprise!™.

Links to the infringing products:

Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, you have now received notice of the infringement, and must expeditiously take this material down or block access.

Should you not immediately comply with this cease and desist demand, and send us notice a response within five (2) business days of this letter, MGA reserves the right to take all available legal action to enforce compliance. Such remedies may include, but are not limited to, an interim injunction restraining your site from providing downloadable content of the Infringing Products, payment of damages, an accounting of profits, delivery up or destruction of the Infringing Products and payment of all legal costs.

I have a good faith belief that the materials on your site are not authorized by MGA.

This is not a complete statement of MGA’s rights about this matter and nothing contained herein constitutes an express or implied waiver of any rights or remedies of MGA, all of which are expressly reserved.

Michael Nattboy
MGA Entertainment Inc.
Tel: 818-894-2525 xt. 6778
[email protected]

20 Replies to “DMCA Takedown Request”

  1. That sucks. I was looking forward to printing some pages to make a little “book” for my daughter! Hopefully they let ya’ll put the pages back up in the future! Otherwise, they suck.

  2. Hi,

    This is horrible!!!! My 5yo daughter loves this site and has printed all of the LOL dolls off to colour in and created her own book – she prints from your pages and then looks up the dolls on another page to get the correct colours.

    This is so sad that MGA has shut this down as I assure you this site has only contributed to her wanting to buy MORE lols!

    If MGA want to take down the site at least they could offer a similar FREE service.

    Feel free to pass this complaint on 🙂

  3. We’re so gutted! We love your site and it doesn’t stop us buying product in fact it makes my daughter want to buy more! We are so sorry to see you go, thank you for such a lovely site

  4. This is horrible news. Both my daughters adore these pages, it has only fuelled their interest in LOL surprise dolls and I’m really disappointed that they have taken this action.

    These dolls are expensive and I will now reconsider buying them in the future.

  5. We love this site !!! My girls are so sad 😭 We would happily get them from MGA is they offered a similar service …. Hopefully they will allow you to put the pages back up soon 😃

  6. This is terrible news. It’s not as if you were charging people for it. More like a fan club page ! I wish I had photocopied each one we printed before colouring it now- I think we printed about 100
    We brought the mga acitivity book at the beginning of summer but it’s too grown up for my 4 year old. She certainly can’t do it on her own.
    Good luck!!

  7. My girls are heartbroken!! I came here to print out Heartbreaker – one of their favorites who they’ve colored many times. Shame on MGA! We won’t be purchasing any more LOL Dolls until they settle this nonsense. Disgusting. They charge $14 for these stupid toys and then we can’t color them for free? Deranged, greedy company.

  8. Horrible company, all they do is hike the prices of LOL stuff up now it’s popular, We’ve stopped buying them now purely because of the greed of this company.

    I’m glad I downloaded all of these images to my computer before this happened!

  9. Ah no! My daughter loves this site, we’re always getting her colouring pages from here! She’s going to be so sad once she’s told it’s gone 🙁 Here’s hoping they let you re-introduce it again soon.

  10. My daughter loves the lol dolls and I pay a pretty penny for them. The least MGA was allowed the coloring pages to remain. What harm would that have caused? It’s MGA’s loss because, it was free advertisement for them anyway.

  11. How unfair! And greedy! It’s a coloring page …for children… that you created on your own, smh. What a mean company!!! This makes me want to NOT buy the toys! Sad 7 year old over here!

  12. This is ridiculous! MGAE keeps raising their prices on their LOL toys, the quality is getting worse every new series, and now, as if they’re not making enough money, they take down a free printable coloring site FOR KIDS. I have bought all of their LOL products for my daughters up until this point, but now the company’s true colors have been showing and its very disappointing. I think we’re done.

    1. I completely agree with you!! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on these dolls (we have every doll from every series except hairgoals) for my now 5 year old (we started collecting when she was 3) and they want to take down a site that offers FREE PRINTABLES for our KIDS to be able to color their favorite dolls!!! Unbelievable!! MGA sure is showing their true colors. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  13. MGA. Typical corporate greed. Of course my daughter is disappointed. I’m just disgusted. I’m not a lawyer, but I believe this site committed no infringement, since no money exchanged hands. However printing pages for free *might* cut into profits of coloring books, which came for sale not too long ago. This is probably the lawyer’s argument. B.S. Thank you, site owners, for giving us so much fun while you are up. Hopefully MGA will come to its senses and quit wasting their time and money on something so harmless that only furthers their brand popularity.

  14. Your site was my #1 and ONLY site I would go to get the best printable for my daughter. I just went to try to print some of the newer series dolls and couldn’t find your site. I was shocked and saddened to see MGA forcing you to take the site down. That is completely unfair. They don’t even offer soliring pages via their website. I’m very upset about this and pray you can fight it and get your site up and running again. 😡😫😢

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